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Dr. Westermann is not currently a member of any managed care or other insurance physician panels.  Many patients utilize their medical insurance policies if their plans have an “Out of Network” benefit.  Patients are responsible for keeping track of authorizations and referrals needed.  It is strongly suggested that you keep a log of all communications with your insurance representative and copies of all claims submitted. Dr. Westermann will provide documentation of the visit and she will submit the claim form to the patient, who will forward it to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Fees for various services provided by Dr. Westermann are established and agreed upon before services are rendered.  Acceptance of services involves the commitment to pay the agreed charge.  Payment is due at the time of each office visit.  Fees are available upon request. The financially responsible party will also be charged the usual hourly fee for related services, including, but not limited to: consultations with other professionals regarding the patient whether performed in person or by telephone, authorized meetings with family members, school observations and team meeting attendance, preparation for and actual court appearances, and all travel time.  It is expected that patients will submit payment for services at the time that services are rendered. Payments may be made by cash, personal check, bank check, VISA or MasterCard.

Should the insurance company require further information in order to process the claim, Dr. Westermann will reasonably advocate for the patient if appropriate releases of information are signed.  The hourly fee will be charged for the time needed to complete managed care paperwork or make phone calls to access insurance coverage for any patient.  It should be understood that many of the services provided by a child psychiatrist in an outpatient setting are inadequately reimbursed or not covered at all by traditional insurance policies, yet these services are time consuming and essential to a child's treatment.  If financial difficulties become an issue, or should you have questions regarding financial policies, please ask to discuss these with Dr. Westermann. Each patient will be asked to sign and return a fee contract for services before the first appointment in the evaluation process.