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Dr. Westermann treats patients on an outpatient basis and by scheduled appointment only.  If the physician determines at any time that more intensive psychiatric care is needed, the patient is referred to the appropriate setting and psychiatric care is then provided by the psychiatrist affiliated with the receiving program.  

Initial appointments are to be considered consultative in nature.  It is important to allow adequate time to evaluate the patient, determine psychiatric diagnoses, outline a proposed treatment plan, and conclude if Dr. Westermann has the potential to be helpful in each individual situation.  If it is determined by Dr. Westermann at any time in the course of treatment that the patient needs different or more intensive care than can be provided in the practice, referrals will be made to other agencies or mental health professionals.  

There is no professional affiliation with any other physicians or healthcare providers at 152 Simsbury Road, Avon, Connecticut, or elsewhere. Please be aware that at times, other psychiatrists will be covering Dr. Westermann's practice when she is unavailable.  Calls of a routine nature will be answered when the doctor returns to the office.

If you have questions about practice policies or medical care, please do not hesitate to discuss them with Dr. Westermann.  The practice is in compliance with all local, state and federal statutes.  Confidentiality regarding medical care is extremely important and maintained except under the following special circumstances or when mandated by law: abuse, neglect, criminal activity, imminent risk of injury to self or others, grave disability, or as ordered by a court of law.